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October 2, 2013

Things have been busy around In Ear Audio these past few months!  Exciting ProTools upgrades, a new studio space, and lots of interesting work. In April, I took over as Technical Operations Manager at Descriptive Video Works.  In addition to my regular sound recording, editing and mixing work for them, I am now in charge of scheduling the day-to-day operations from projects' inceptions to deliveries.  Working with a great team of writers and a diverse array of post-production supervisors ensures that nothing is ever boring!  I am thrilled to be doing this work for such an important company.  

However, this doesn't mean that I am not available to work on other projects, so please shoot me an email if you're in need of some work done!

February 23, 2013

Earlier this year I was contacted by the Crazy8s Film Festival and asked if I would be willing to donate four hours of my time to do the sound mix on one of the winning short films, Manstruation.  I was thrilled to help out, and tonight, in Vancouver, is the gala screening of the films.  I have yet to see the other five films, but I'm confident that Manstruation is the most hilarious.  Congrats to all the film crews and fellow sponsors!

December 30, 2012

A belated happy holidays to everyone!  Please take a moment to read this petition on the subject of providing a greater number of films featuring audio description for the visually impaired.  And help get the word out, to those loved ones who might have lost or are losing their sight, about this valuable resource.  It opens up so many possibilities and has helped countless people enjoy films and television programs that would otherwise be inaccessible to them. 

December 5, 2012

Working with kids is so fun! One of the actors sounds like he should be in an old school Charlie Brown cartoon, and he keeps saying DRAN instead of DARN. Adorable!

November 19, 2012

Just watched Werner Herzog's 'Encounters at the End of the World'...incredible!  Beautiful, fantastical photography complete with Herzog's sardonically insightful narration.  Most noteworthy were the incredible underwater recordings of seal vocalisations.  Everyone must experience this film.  

October 26, 2012

Check out this great new podcast, The Tonebenders, from my friend Tim Muirhead at Azimuth Audio in Toronto.  He's teamed up with two other sound engineers in the US to bring us some great features and advice on recording techniques and gear, audio-related news and just generally awesome tips and tricks from a pro.  

October 16, 2012

Tonight I was lucky enough to get to experience Dark Table, a new restaurant in Vancouver where patrons dine entirely in the dark, and the servers are all visually impaired.  And by dark, I mean PITCH BLACK.  No cheating here!  And definitely no phones or other light sources permitted at the table.  One of my main areas of work in the past couple of years has been with Descriptive Video Works, providing audio description of film and television for the visually impaired.  Diane Johnson, CEO of DVW, is an inspiration, and I am so proud of the audio work I am able to do for her company.  It is incredibly rewarding, and experiences like tonight's help bolster that pride.  If you have a chance to check out any of the dining-in-the-dark restaurants in your neck of the woods (Toronto, Paris, Montreal, L.A. and New York), I would strongly recommend it.  

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