About In Ear Audio

Laura DaviesI have been involved in all things sound from a very early age. Musically, this began with six years of Royal Conservatory of Music training in piano performance and theory, followed by five years of alto saxophone. During these years, I performed with various ensembles in venues around North America.

My passion for music, both recorded and live, manifested itself first through radio shows, live shows, live and in-studio recording and mixing, and a mail-order 3" CD series. The eight bands comprising this label were produced, recorded and mixed by myself and two others, and ultimately went on to win an award for Best Audio Production. This project was developed at Ryerson University in Toronto, where I graduated with a BA in Radio and Television Arts and a minor in Multimedia.

From there, I went on to work at Spence Thomas audio post in Toronto, a full-service audio post-production studio. Here, I worked on award-winning projects with studios around the world. During this time, I helped record, edit and master a sound library called Point One Sound, one of the first 5.1 sound effects collections to be released to the public.

My work continues under In Ear Audio. The company is located in Vancouver, with the ability to work worldwide. Through FTP, lossless file exchanges and/or software plugins, your projects can make their way here from wherever they are based.

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